Don’t Dam The Macquarie! – How To Help

We have already lost about 90% of our native fish in the Murray Darling Basin.
This dam will stop vital small and medium flows required to form the critical connection between the Macquarie and the Barwon Darling Rivers and reduce flows to the internationally significant Ramsar listed Macquarie Marshes – leaving our native fish stranded and unable to migrate.
Why should the public fund a mega expensive, destructive super weir, just so one section of the community can benefit financially?

Our State MP’s need to hear from us. Will your email your Member of Parliament?

Please consider writing an email to:

Dubbo electorate: Email Dugald Saunders MP
Barwon electorate: Email Roy Butler MP
Bathurst electorate: Email Paul Toole MP
Orange electorate: Email Philip Donato MP

And cc NSW Env. Minister Matt Kean MP cc NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes MP

If you’re not from the Central West, and still want to help – THANK YOU!
Please email our NSW Environment Minister and Planning Ministers

NSW Env. Minister Matt Kean MP cc NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes MP


Please sign our online petition to Dugald Saunders MP (cc Rob Stokes NSW Planning Minister and Matt Kean NSW Environment Minister)


Get in touch and find out how you can help


Please consider a donation to the campaign to help with administration expenses.

Thank you!

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