Aboriginal heritage sites to be sacrificed as plans to mechanise the Macquarie progress

 “Our rivers are our highways and song lines, not only for humans but for fish”.

Aunty Coral Peckham says, while the proposed new re regulating weir at Gin Gin is in the Country of neighbouring Clan the Wongaibon, she has grave concerns about where the water is going, grave concerns for neighbours and the river itself.

“We’re concerned about our sites, and our aquatic animals and our native veg. They all need water.

Our aims and objectives are to look after Country for future generations.”

Regarding the proposed re regulating weir, or irrigator’s weir, at Gin Gin on the Wambuul, WaterNSW have limited Aboriginal consultation to Land Councils.

“Consultation has been cursory at best, this is more than a cultural heritage matter, but also a matter of First Nations engagement and participation.” Lamented Aunty Coral.

WaterNSW has identified a registered Aboriginal site 20km upstream from the proposed re regulating weir at Gin Gin. It would be inundated by the weir pool should the project go ahead.

This is what their report has to say: “The nature of the recorded sites suggest that similar sites are likely to exist at other locations along the River and across the landscape.”

Our cultural heritage is being sacrificed by the NSW Government, as plans for a destructive irrigators dam on the Wambuul at Gin Gin continue.

IMAG3600 Terramungamine_includes river

Terramungamine Rock Grooves


  1. Significant s n cultural heritage never break n bias n against know what you think n sure want n tribal rights and land council s n tribe n clans always right Native title treaty or wats 1900 act n dirty water stincks respect s to tribe country awide n for table n reps to sort desecration n descruction n upon is no ground sence respects to ancestors n elders n identity n lands areas n sites n possession is 9 th 10 th off law national n international law 📀🌏✨

  2. We need to respect all our ancient sites as they are important not just to first people but to everyone. Once they are gone that’s it. No more.

  3. I am a ngiyampaa wongiabon registered traditional owner do unreservedly object to this proposal. I will be taking this disgusting plan directly to the minister, along with support from other members of our clan.

  4. Hope they see sense,and don’t do this. Haven’t they already taken enough from the aboriginal people. Kath

  5. It is really hard to believe that things like this project are still being proposed, without full consultation with all traditional owners whose country could be affected and their right of veto of projects which will damage or destroy sites of significance!

  6. My grandmother was born and brought up in the Snowy Mountains, before her father decided to return the family to Glasgow. She called her Scottish home ‘Hinnomungee’ which she said was Aborigine for ‘Home’ or ‘Home Sweet Home’. I am sure she would be horrified to hear about the Gin Gin Weir. Apparently, her father’s Gold Mine (the Rose Thistle and Shamrock Mine) is preserved as one of Harrietville’s Tourist Attractions!
    Jean Thomson

  7. They try n Destroy this amazing site

    There’ll be a lawsuit from Dubbo to North America long 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾✅✅


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