WaterNSW principle objectives – comment

Setting objectives is a powerful tool for organisations. Over time, objectives create and
reinforce corporate culture. The objectives of an organisation inform decisions management
make around hiring and training staff. They are the force behind the motivation of the
organisations’ employees.

As the operator of 42 dams across NSW supplying two thirds of the water used in NSW,
WaterNSW has a critical role to play in the health and resilience of the rivers of NSW.

Every action WaterNSW performs affects the environment. The modification of rivers has had
significant impacts on groundwater aquifers, floodplains, wetlands a well as the rivers

The culture within the state owned corporation when it comes to prioritising environmental
objectives is therefore very important.

Compliance with the principles of ecologically sustainable development should feature highly in the principle objectives of the state owned corporation, not at the very end of the secondary objectives.

Read Healthy Rivers Dubbo submission to the review of the WaterNSW Act 2014.

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