The miraculous Cap setting illusion – Floodplain harvesting limits in NSW

The NSW Government have come up with a new volume for the ‘Cap’ in the Macquarie-Wambuul Valley – and conveniently it will allow floodplain harvesting to continue at current levels.

The ‘Cap’ is supposed to be the volume of water that was being taken in 1994. That’s when communities and Basin Governments said enough is enough – too much water is being taken and the rivers, wetlands, aquifers, floodplains and estuaries are dying.

The line was drawn and agreed upon – we would not increase the volume of water we were taking from what was taken in 1994. That was the intent of setting the Cap.

A lot of work done to produce transparent, accredited Cap reports. But at some stage the accredited Cap reports were archived, never to be seen again, despite many requests.

In recent years water departments and agencies have started saying that the Cap is a concept, not a volume………… hey?

They say as they learn more about how much water was being taken, they can update the Cap…….. really? Was it really being taken then or have take increased since 1994?

Since 1994, the capacity of on farm dams to hold water has increased by a factor of 2.4. There hasn’t been any more licences issued, so it is very safe to assume that most of those dams were built to store water – free water – off the floodplains. Floodplain harvesting.

So to get this straight, the Government:

  • decided what the level of water take was in 1994 calling it the Cap,
  • then hid those accredited reports,
  • in the meantime on-farm capacity to hold water has grown by almost two and a half times
  • now the Government claim the amount of water being taken in the Macquarie Valley is less than the Cap
  • but that’s because they made up a new Cap

How did they arrive at the new Cap? Who knows. Not even the independent consultants hired to review the Government’s work got to see how that was done.

Doesn’t redefining the volume of the Cap contradict the very meaning of what a Cap is? You would think so.

They say it doesn’t matter to health of the river if they do that.

But volumes of water matter to the rivers. Water matters to wetlands, to fish, water birds, river red gums and to cultures and communities who only survive because of the river.

We are all being momentously ripped off.

Read Healthy Rivers Dubbo submission to the FPH rules in the Macquarie Valley


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