River Community snubbed

Representatives of 22 groups from inland NSW wrote to the Premier in July, raising serious concerns with the government’s floodplain harvesting regulations.

Both the Premier and the NSW Water Minister have refused to meet with community members.

This group is a true representation of the communities who will feel the brunt of the floodplain harvesting policy. The group includes Traditional Owners, floodplain graziers, recreational fishers and tourism operators, as well as concerned regional residents.

Daily Liberal, 4 Oct 22 Healthy Rivers Dubbo’s Mel Gray among 22 representatives calling out Water Minister Kevin Anderson’s ‘controversial’ laws


Concerns of numerous groups have been ignored after they sent an open letter condemning the NSW Water Minister Kevin Anderson’s floodplain harvesting regulations in water systems including the Wambuul Macquarie river.

The regulations are so divisive that they were disallowed in the NSW Upper House for the fourth time last week, in a vote of 16 for and 15 against.

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