Locals still vocal – Don’t damn the Macquarie

Dubbo’s Marie Ryan takes issue with suggestions by Narromine Mayor Craig Davies that the Macquarie Marshes could be receiving water that in his opinion, they aren’t ‘entitled’ to. 

Dubbo Photo News August 6-12 2020.

Healthy Rivers Dubbo convenor Mel Gray speaks to Rod Corfe on Bourke’s 2WEB Outback Radio

Dubbo Day Award recipient David ‘Harro’ Harris is amazed at how few people know about the proposal to dam the Macquaire, and how much misinformation is getting around about the height of the structure.

1 (3)Dubbo Photo News Aug 6 2020

Western Paddlers NSW are concerned about the loss of natural flows in the Wambuul Macquarie and the internationally recognised Ramsar listed Macquarie Marshes.



  1. Don’t dam the Macquarie River …. Do you have a petition? If so, I’d like to sign but I don’t see where???

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