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Don’t damn the Macquarie – No Gin Gin dam!

Support our work here

We are a group of people living in the Dubbo and Barwon electorates whose future relies on the long term sustainability of the Macquarie-Wambuul River and its connectivity with the Barwon Darling/Baaka River.

For many Nations including the Wiradjuri, Wongaibon and Wayilwan, the River and the Marshes are a lifeblood.

The Macquarie Marshes are internationally recognised wetlands of significance, a nesting site for thousands of migratory birds. Water from the Macquarie Valley provides vital connectivity to the Darling/Baaka, on average a 21% contribution.

But right now, the government in NSW is planning a disastrous dam at on the Macquarie at Gin Gin, downstream of Dubbo that would allow even more water to be sucked out of the river. There are already too many straws in the glass, as the mass fish kills in the Darling/Baaka and the Macquarie/Wambuul have shown. Instead of fixing the problem, the government seem to be making it worse!

Support our work here

This is your chance to partner with us! Together we can stop this project, which in time promises to terminate the river upstream of Warren, and leave the river bed and marshes dry.

The impact of this project on downstream communities and the environment would be catastrophic.

For this message to reach far and wide, we need to raise $4,000 for advertising in the newspapers, radio and other media in our region.

We have already succeeded in uniting the community to widespread objection to this disastrous dam and slow down the planning process.

With your help, we can once and for all send a message to politicians that we will not have our rivers turned into irrigation channels!

If you can’t donate, then please consider writing an email to your local NSW Member of Parliament, or to your local newspaper objecting to the disastrous river and marsh destroying Gin Gin dam.

Please share our campaign – THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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