Proposed re-regulating dam set to destroy the best Murray Cod breeding spots in the Macquarie-Wambuul River

Media Release – Thursday 18th November 2021

The most important breeding sites for threatened Murray Cod in the Wambuul-Macquarie River have been identified in a report[1] released by the Commonwealth Government on Thursday, and they are right where the NSW Government plans to build an enormous new dam. 

All four of the monitoring sights near Gin Gin used for the study would be destroyed by the proposed Macquarie River re-regulating storage project, known locally as the Gin Gin dam.  

“This zone has previously been identified as a strong-hold for Murray cod recruitment within the Macquarie River” wrote the report’s author Jerom Stocks.

The report shows that water for the environment was used during Spring 2020 to provide stable flows to support Murray Cod nesting during the peak breeding period, and that water management by environmental water holders and community stakeholders was successful. [2]

However all the efforts and success of water for the environment would be for nothing should the NSW Governments plans to construct a new dam at Gin Gin go ahead.

“Murray Cod are listed as threatened, and are supposed to be protected by the Commonwealth Government. How can the NSW Government even consider building a destructive dam directly over their best breeding areas?” Said Mel Gray, Convenor of Healthy Rivers Dubbo. 

The Wambuul Macquarie River is a well know destination for recreational anglers chasing the iconic Murray Cod.

“Tourism is absolutely huge for the economy of this region, and any major infrastructure project that has a detrimental impact on tourism has the potential to be a disaster for our region.” said Councillor Stephen Lawrence, Mayor of Dubbo Region.

“To build a dam in the Mid-Macquarie River would be detrimantal to the breeding cycle and improvement of not only the Murray Cod, but Eeltail Catfish, Yellow Belly, Spangled Perch, Platypus, Turtles and everything.” Said Wayne Gilbert, President of the Inland Waterways Rejuvenation Association.

Media Contact

Mel Gray – Convenor Healthy Rivers Dubbo




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